Shared Space Package (Wall Mount)

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The Roger Dynamic Soundfield can be set up in the dining room, recreation room and chapel. Roger microphones are worn on a lanyard 10 cm from the presenter’s mouth. The presenter’s voice is transmitted wirelessly to the Roger Soundfield Digimaster speaker which amplifies evenly throughout the entire room. This efficiently overcomes the impact of distance between the speaker and listener and improves the signal to noise ratio significantly for the listener. The television or other Audiovisual Devices can be added to the network to improve audibility for the listener without having to have external volumes set at very high levels

To further improve communication, Roger Neckloops can be worn by those who want a more direct signal to headphones or telecoil enabled hearing aids.

Key Features:

  • improves signal for all individuals, with or without hearing aids
  • compatible with all telecoil enabled hearing aids
  • easy to use,
  • no interference issues,
  • wireless,
  • expandable with unlimited neckloops

The Basic Roger™ Soundfield Kit includes a Digimaster 5000 V2 soundfield speaker plus  Roger Touchscreen microphone.

The Soundfield speaker is a specialised hearing solution that dynamically adjusts sound to improve the audio environment for all listeners. Soundfield speakers specifically improve the listeners understanding of speech by providing an even distribution of sound between the presenter, the listeners and any multimedia equipment.
Sensors within the Roger Touchscreen dynamically detect the rooms sound and adjust the acoustics to an optimal level. The volume automatically adjusts to:

• Minimise reverberation,
• Improve sound to noise ratios,
• Improved sentence recognition ability
• Increased attention, interaction and participation
• Quicker acquisition of reading, writing & numeracy skills
• Reduced vocal strain
• Direct hearing aid connectivity

Recommended Applications:

  • Dining Room
  • Television room
  • Recreation rooms
  • Chapel

Soundfield compliantInclusive Speaker

Plug N Play Compliant

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