Hall / Large Room Solutions

Hearing Loop Australia recommends the Phonak Roger solution for large educational areas such as school halls. This is because Hearing Australia routinely issues children with a Roger receiver.

Upon entry to the hall, children walk past the Roger Wall Pilot to automatically connect their receiver to the transmission channel in the hall. People with a hearing impairment who do not have a Roger receiver (usually adults) use a Roger Neckloop personal receiver to hear the audio.

A Roger Touchscreen microphone is connected to the hall’s amplifier and acts as a transmitter, sending clear quality audio to the Roger receivers in the room.

A Roger repeater extends the signal throughout the hall. Multiple repeaters may be required for large spaces.

Recommended Applications:

  • School Halls
  • Sporting Venues
  • Aged Care
  • Churches
  • Council & Community Centres
  • Small & Large Commercial Venues