There are a number of soundfield style speaker systems in the market. We recommend Roger™ for various reasons.

  • Using a non-dynamic system can cause a 54% degradation in speech recognition in a high background noise situation. This substantially affects the clarity of sound for children with a hearing impairment.
  • By using One Roger transmitter to simultaneously communicate with both the Soundfield Speaker and Roger Receiver / Hearing Aid dynamically adjusts and avoids overwhelming the listener caused by having multiple systems,
  • Users may experience feedback, squeaking or “buzzing bees” sounds from using 2 different systems.
  • Multiple systems can cause latency,
  • Some systems only accept one hearing aid receiver and will not communicate to multiple people with hearing impairment,
  • Using one system allows the teacher greater control and awareness of the system, to refine and get a better audio output for all listeners,
  • Speakers often wear multiple microphones as a quick fix due to complicated setups, causing OH&S issues.

Third party speaker systems can be connected to Roger ™ hearing augmentation solutions to achieve compliance, however connecting multiple branded speaker systems it is not recommended. Various options may be available depending on the type of system you are looking to connect. Contact us for assistance in finding a solution.