We recommend Roger Hearing Solutions and Assistive Technology, particularly in education.

Here is why……

Hearing Australia 

Australian Hearing are the sole CSO funded provider of services that can be accessed by children and young adults under the age of 26 in Australia. Due to the size requirements, product ranges, support and many other reasons the majority of Australian children are provided with Hearing Aids, and/or Cochlear Implants with Roger Receivers (depending on suitability etc). Most children are also provided with a Roger Touchscreen Microphone (or Transmitter).

NCC / BCA D3.7

The NCC/BCA Requirements (D3.7) Hearing Augmentation, states that, any room or space with an in-built amplified sound system, or public interface requires a hearing augmentation system. Typical areas in educational facilities can include:

  • Teaching/learning spaces,
  • Resource spaces,
  • Performing Arts & Theatres,
  • Sports Halls & Multi‐Purpose Halls,
  • Front counters, Receptions, conferences rooms, meeting rooms, Ticket Boxes etc.

We recommend Roger Hearing Augmentation in an education setting for the following reasons:

  • Optimum performance and increased compatibility with a children’s hearing aids as they use the same technology,
  • Minimal wiring required / low installation cost,
  • No interference / feedback issues with metal structures, other technology, music equipment,
  • Children have no need for a neck loop, reducing stigma and increasing uptake, and reducing number of neck loops required therefore decreasing cost,
  • Simple maintenance / support (no need to remove carpet or redo wiring),
  • Expandable to a Soundfield solution to benefit all children including covering the teachers voice (normal hearing, and hearing impaired),
  • Not dependant on T‐coil in hearing devices. Majority of child hearing instruments will not have T‐coil activated by their audiologist,
  • BCA D3.7 – The number of receivers should be adjusted to exclude children as they do not require receivers. For a BCA C3.7 compliant solution please contact us.