Soundfield on tripod

The soundfield speaker is a specialised hearing solution that dynamically adjusts sound to improve the learning environment for all listeners. Soundfield speakers improve the listeners understanding of speech by providing an even distribution of sound between the teacher, the students and any multimedia equipment.

Sensors within the Roger Digimaster Soundfield Speaker detect the sound in the room and adjust the acoustics to an optimal level. The volume automatically adjusts to:

  • Minimise reverberation,
  • Maintain sound to noise ratio at 15db above ambient noise,
  • Reduce feedback.

The Digimaster 5000 V2 Soundfield is designed for a areas from 15 – 100 metres square – various  classroom  designs. A Basic Soundfield Package is an inclusive starting point to help all students, ranging from neuro-typical with an acute ear infection to severely disabled.

The DigiMaster 7000 V2 Soundfield is stronger speaker that can be combined with multiple speakers to cover large areas.

The datasheet with technical information can be downloaded for the Datasheet Roger Soundfield Digimaster 5000 V2 and Datasheet Roger Soundfield Digimaster 7000 V2.