Univox Cross-the-Counter Loop with Gooseneck Microphone

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A Cross-the-Counter System is a hearing augmentation system that typically consists of a microphone and an amplifier / transmitter attached to a desk or small area. The amplifier  transmits the speakers voice or audio feed in a short range signal that can be picked up by a telecoil enabled hearing aid, cochlear implant (CI) processors, and specialized hand‐held hearing loop receivers for individuals without telecoil compatible hearing aids. The Cross-the-Counter system is an affordable solution for those wanting to improve public accessibility options.

* CTC Systems are typically not compliant to building code D3.7 as they do not meet coverage requirements.

 Recommended Applications: 

  • Reception desks
  • Customer service counters
  • Ticket booths
  • Banking
  • Libraries

Hearing Aid Compatible

Plug N Play Compliant



*GST Free Medical Device

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