Communicating in a Socially Distant Environment

The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic is a devastating and highly contagious disease that is affecting us all. Even those who are escaping the disease are playing an important role in preventing its transmission.

The key principles of prioritising public health and safety to protect people against infection, compliance with public health guidelines, working with governments and public health authorities, and changing our behaviours such as social distancing and hygiene etiquette are being practiced at every opportunity.

Personal protection include face masks are now mandatory. For those who are hearing impaired, masks with transparent screens have also been introduced to aid in lip reading.

Australian businesses have also risen to the challenge and are adapting to the new COVIDNORM. Unfortunately it is becoming clear that many of these changes are here to stay. Plexiglass sneeze guards have been around for many years but are now commonplace in a large portion of big and smallĀ  businesses. The use of sneeze guards have brought about a new challenge to communicate with many people on both sides of the screen who are often unable to hear each other.

To help we have sourced a plug and play solution that has speakers and microphones on both sides of the screen that incorporates hearing augmentation technology. This solution will help any business wanting to improve customer service for people with and without hearing loss. This Speech Transfer Package is a flexible system that is well suited to counters, reception desks, retail outlets and many other applications.

This new solution is available to help people with and without hearing loss on both sides of the counter communicate better.

Details will be available here shortly.

Speech transfer package